May 26, 2013

Finding Nemo – Fish Characters

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OK. So, Here am I and my son, watching Finding Nemo for the umpteenth time and we keep discovering one new thing every time we see this movie. Today, he caught me in surprise when he asked me for the name of the fish characters in this movie and their types..

Actually, he thinks that there are two kinds of fish. One that he can eat (prawns, sea bream and seer) and the rest.

So, I started naming each and every fish that I saw.. Let me see, how good I am in fish encyclopedia.

1) Marlin and Nemo – Clown Fish.
2) Dory – Regal Tang
3) Party wallah fish that say ‘Fish are friends not food’ (Bruce, Anchor and Chum) – Sharks.
4) Jelly Fish
5) Crush and offspring – Sea Turtle
6) Peach – Star Fish.
7) Gill – Moorish Idol
8) Bloat – Puffer Fish..
9) A whale .. dont think the movie had a name for this character.
10) Few Pelicans.
11) Sword Fish.
12) Few crabs
13) Sea Horse
14) Octopus

ok.. now, here is the catch. What is the name of this school teacher fish which takes Finding Nemo and friends to the drop off? I thought and tried googling also. Since, I couldn’t get to the name immediately, I named him “School Bus Uncle Fish”. Ivan calls it Uncle Fish now..

Also, he thinks that Marlin and Dory are Daddy & Mummy to Nemo 🙂


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