April 3, 2013

when love rules, power disappears..

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 10:29 am

I saw this comment in another social networking site. The full phrase goes like this..
When love rules, power disappears. When power rules, love disappears.

How true!! I think this can be applied to both work and personal life.
In my work life, I have had authorities who were like tyrants or task masters. Or people who give you work and rate you based on what you do.
But I have also had authorities who have their priorities in sync with you, people with focus and who can infect you with their passion.. Its those people you would like to work for.

Same for personal life too. When you love a person, what they say or don’t say matters. You”l do anything for them. But when this person tries to take advantage of you, whatever they do, they just lose you.


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