October 12, 2012

Thousand and thousand thanks to God

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My son’s world is filled with vivid imaginations and he dreams of a beautiful world. He is always in a rush to know everything and has a wonderful way of explaining things.At home he is a joy to be with and his teacher recently commented that she has become a fan of him and his chatter.
All this would look pretty normal to a visitor reading this article. Which three year old is not like this? But I tell you, my son was born with a problem called as tongue-tie. Many doctors said that he will not speak certain words and may have to be operated. When we got worried and raised a concern to one specialist, that person brushed us aside saying that ‘we shouldn’t complain if son stops speaking after surgery’.
But thank God, my son didn’t need surgery and now understands and speaks 3 languages.
Glory to him!


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  1. Its really a miracle by The Lord to our son. when i heard him sing a praise song yesterday i was overwhelmed with joy to hear “Alleluia” word which i thought will not come so early. Also thanks to his first teacher – his mom and others who were supporting him.

    Comment by Arun — October 22, 2012 @ 7:02 am | Reply

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