July 13, 2012

The narrow lane

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 8:24 am

The fish vendor shop I go to is on a bypass road and usually, this road is always congested. Sometimes, I used to walk and sometimes go by auto. Seeing me & my son coming in auto one day, the vendor asked me whether I come from a long distance.

When I told him my address, he said that there is a short cut but the road is very narrow. I decided to take that road last week. When I take my son for walking, I usually use his tricycle + stroller. This time also, I took him in it.

I started walking towards that narrow road and was shocked when I got in there. The road was just right for a stroller. If I go on the road, no one else will be able to walk besides me. It was that narrow and long. From that entry, I wasn’t able to see the end point of the road. Added to that, the road wasn’t smooth. There were bumps and it was a little scary too. The only thing good about that road was that my son started enjoying the ride.

As I was taking him in the stroller and pushing it from behind him, my mind was lost in thoughts. I started thinking about the twists and turns in my life ever since child hood. How I was, what I went through, what is in store for me and so many other related thoughts. The mood and ambience was so that I was about to fell in to a depression when I suddenly heard something.

My son was singing a song. I wondered as to how he can be so happy on this narrow road which no one takes and which is not smooth. Then I realized, my son knows that I am right behind him, always caring and loving him in his need. When you have that assurance, what else would one need? When I felt this, something dawned on me. Why am I not able to put my faith on my Lord? Won’t he direct my steps? Won’t he who created me, take care of me? Why should I even worry about present or the future?

I started singing the song….

When the roads are narrow, hills or valleys,

Even when dark engulfs you,

God is right there by your side.

Don’t you quit!


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