May 20, 2012

Today’s Message (20/5/2012) – God used Gideon, he can use you

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I loved today’s message, as I felt that God was speaking to me directly in words through the speaker. I thought I will share it for the reader’s benefit.

The background for the message was taken from Judges 6,7 and 8. If you read these chapters, you will know how God used a person called Gideon (a man who’s clan was the weakest) to save a community. This is a not a story but is a real time incident that happened way back before Jesus was born. I encourage the reader to read these three chapters (

So, what can we infer from this story.

1) God needs us to deliver somebody. It could be that, a group can help a group. Or a single person can deliver a whole clan. It might be a small help where you can give some water to a thirsty stranger to a very big help that takes your time, effort and skill.

2) God knows our weaknesses. He understands us and encourages us. This was a lot encouraging for me. So many times, you might have had folks insulting you, demeaning you or use you as a door mat and then blame you for that. You might be the weakest member in your family with lot of sickness. Or you could be a person with physical disability. Or you could be poor, not gifted with good looks, or health. Inspite of all this, God loves you, understands you and badly wants you to succeed. Isn’t that wonderful to hear?

3) God doesn’t care about quantity, he loves quality. He can use even a single person, if that person is willing to put in his effort with his whole heart, mind and soul. If you refer bible, you will see that he has used Moses (who stammered), David ( a shepherd), Gideon (who was threshing wheat in a winepress), Peter & John (Fishermen), Esther (an orphan).

I hope you liked this message. Don’t be discouraged because of your weakness. God loves you as you are!! He wants to help you help somebody 🙂  I hope my post encouraged someone out there as it encouraged me !!


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