May 18, 2010

Weaning baby

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I was trying to create this post in tamil for the past few days. The problem with tamil typing is that, I was not able to find an easy editor that makes tamil transliteration easy without interrupting my flow of thought. Or rather, I was not good enough to find a good service and had only all mokka services.. Anyway, back to the point.

I used to think that weaning would be really easy for Ivan. Atleast, that was my idea before six months. We had to coax him to feed and had to give him all our smiley rewards earlier… But as months went by, I think he got the wrong idea. Now he breast feeds mostly for comfort than for thirst.. As a result, all my efforts in weaning him is going boink..

Last week I tried reducing the feed to just twice a day. My mom took over in trying to get him to sleep  and as long as I was  not in sight, he was doing fine.. Then he realized what we were doing and started protesting like hell. He knows even how i smell and finds out where I hide.. then he comes after me crying pathetically…  What do we do then? Go back to feeding.

Then, one friend gave the idea of applying strong tasting liquid before I feed. I tried ‘lemon juice’ first. Result? He seemed to like lemon flavor.

Then, my cousin gave me her ‘tried and tested’ kattichannaru-some bitter tasting fruit usually available in all naatu marundhu kadais.. It looked like ‘coal’ and tasted very bitter. I tried that yesterday and he did seem to think for a split second.. But that was it.. The determined soul he was, he didn’t care about the taste nor the fact that his mouth, teeth or cheeks were all turning black.. Only I panicked and I cleaned his mouth.

Nyway, Let me see. Another cousin has asked me to turn cold turkey whenever he asks for it.. May be it would work.. I just hope these days run fast. I can’t seem to see his crying.


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  1. நிஜமாவே Ivan பாவம் தான் . ரெம்ப கஷ்டபடுத்தாதீங்க பிந்து.

    Comment by kunthavai — May 26, 2010 @ 4:58 am | Reply

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