April 8, 2009

Tips to handle morning sickness

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Time is clicking fast and am about to carry a bundle of joy by the end of this month. But I realise that I have not done any justice to the blog ever since I got pregnant. A few posts from now, will deal with pregnancy in particular and the what i faced during this period..

When it all started, I said to myself, that am gonna cherish each and every day as it passes by. Though, mine was an unplanned pregnancy, we did feel happy when we found out that we are gonna be mom and dad. But that was only till I started puking.

When it happened, it didnt give me any warning sign. The name ‘morning sickness’ itself was misleading. For I seemed to puke day in and day out.. Every food that was steamed turned me off.. I lived eating only dosa and potatoes.. and for the terrible mornings, it was ginger biscuit that saved my face…

Here are a few tips to avoid puking..

1) Make sure you take frequent small meals throughout the day.. Keep a protein snack by your bedside. Just in case, you wake up in the middle of the night and feel hungry, you can have it.

2) Carry a lemon when you are going to office. I used to commute by bus and the whole journey used to make me sick to the core.

3) A tablet called doxinate is now prescribed by doctors to cure morning sickness.. This is sometimes helpful.

4) Try having ginger biscuit or cream wafers first thing in the morning.. Don’t have milk.. Have it later in the day.

5) Morning sickness is usually a good sign that tells you that pregnancy has a good grip over your body. So, doon’t lose heart… If you are one of the lucky ones, your sickness will go away in 12 weeks.. I had it till my 5th month.. After that, it was gone..

Wish that my tips helped you 🙂 Happy pregnancy!!


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