April 8, 2009

Insulin Resistance – I

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Shortly before I got pregnant, I had some problems with my monthly periods.. Instead of frequenting every month, it chose to stay with me for a whole month :O

I panicked. Who in the right sense wouldn’t? I thought I am going to bleed to death. Contacted a friend who put me to a doc.. Doc suggested a series of tests and thats when I found out that I have this problem called Insulin resistance or PCOS.

As such, I didn’t have PCO or what you would called as Poly Cystic Ovary. But I had the tendency to develop that later in life.. This syndrome is more of a metabolic problem than a gynaecological problem.. PCO patients have a risk of developing diabetes later in life..

Now what is this insulin resistance? You would ask me.. This is a very delicate problem with unknown causes.. But people affected by this syndrome mostly do not have any symptoms. When it shows, it shows up as a gyn issue.

This develops mostly due to heredity, lifestyle (sitting for long hours in front of computer), irregular food habits and ofcourse stress.

What happens to the body ? – The body goes into famine mode.. It thinks that whatever food that comes to it should be stored and doesn’t let the system to use it up. The blood sugars rise immediately after a food is taken. Usually our pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin which keeps these blood sugar under control. But for these patients, normal insulin levels are not sufficient. They would need higher levels of insulin and pancreas tries to keep up with this demand. Over a point of time, pancreas fails and diabetes results.

Now how does it affect the reproductive system? The insulin hormone has some indirect links with other reproductive hormones like LH, FSH and all.. These hormone productions aren’t sufficient enought to trigger egg production and maturation.. Coz of this, either one skips a period or the period doesn’t stop…

But there are grades in this too. Some have a severe case of insulin resistance and others have it in a milder form.. Whatever it is, having a regular food habit and healthy lifestyle is a must for young ladies if they want to keep their system in check.


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  1. Heard infosys fired 2200 people.. My gosh.. So do you know of anyone of your friends or collegues who have been fired ????

    Comment by Rajan Nair — April 11, 2009 @ 8:19 am | Reply

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