May 12, 2007

The family-travel analogy

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An old aunt of mine was comparing family life to a journey and was telling how our views and principles change over time. Yet, we give importance to these views and principles over the real stuff that matters!

The comparison was funny but was really thought provoking!! Here it is for you!

Guy cycling with his girl in front:

This is the initial lovers phase. The guy keeps his girl in the front and is involved in conversation. He has to do a lot of pedaling to keep the cycle going and the girl has trouble in sitting on the cycle rod!! However, they are oblivious to all this trouble and just concentrate on enjoying the ride!

Guy riding on his bike with his girl in back:

This is the honeymoon phase. They are still in love, but expectations start building up! The girl expects the guy to keep talking and wants the ride(or honeymoon?) to be forever. The guy wants his girl to be behind him and support him all the way and be physically closer to him. Loves the occasional hugs and is very attracted.

Guy, Girl and kids on a car ride:

After 1 or 2 years. The guy has to move a little faster to keep the family vehicle going. The girl is by his side with the kids behind. The guy and girl keep talking, while their glances never meet. Occasionally, they look in the rear mirror view to see what the kids are upto. They may stop once in a while to have refreshments too.

KPN BUS: Guy = Driver, Girl = Co-driver, kids = passengers

5 Years! Guy keeps driving and Girl sits on the seat no: 3 with co-passengers. Or the guy tries babysitting and the girl drives. The only time they meet or let alone talk is during the meal times.

PALLAVAN: Guy = Driver, Girl = Conductor, kids & Relatives= passengers

10 years! Guy drives, occasionally looks in the mirror and yells at a passenger for being careless. Keeps thinking that the girl is having a royal time with kids and relatives and pities himself for being let alone.

Girl is surrounded by kids and relatives with their constant demands for(tickets??) attention. Gets too tired and thinks that the driver is one happy fellow who just has to do the job of driving.

TRAIN: Guy = Driver, Girl = Co-driver, kids = passengers

Kids Teenage Years!! Demands keep increasing and hence both guy and girl is on the move to drive and keep the vehicle moving. No contact between the passengers and the drivers and a generation gap seeps in.

Flight: Guy = Pilot, Girl = Co-Pilot, kids = passengers

Retirement age! Pilot and co-pilot take on the most difficult task of getting their passengers to the destination!.. Kids have no idea of what the pilot or copilot is doing. They are surrounded by the flight-attendants(possibly future cycle pair??) who are all-smiles in attending to them.

The only time, the passengers think about the pilot is when the flight does a 360 degree rotation. They yell at the pilot’s inability and think that they are better at it any day!!!

And so .. the cycle goes…



  1. Nice comparison.

    Comment by Manic — May 16, 2007 @ 11:54 pm | Reply

  2. Good One..but did your aunt exaplained everything from pedalling cycle to flight? I hope you would have injected your creativity.

    Comment by Naren — June 3, 2007 @ 5:49 pm | Reply

  3. very nice comparison

    Comment by Arathi — June 5, 2007 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

  4. Finally got a chance to check out your blog. I really like this analogy.

    Comment by Janscripts — June 25, 2007 @ 7:50 pm | Reply

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