April 15, 2007

Men – (1)

Filed under: When I get wild — Celia Rexselin @ 11:39 am

I don’t know why men think that it is macho to beat their wives. Is it really so? Why should one hit someone to prove that they are superior?

Well, I don’t really blame all men. Some are good indeed. But this is what I heard when I was travelling in an auto this week.

The auto stand was filled with our oor kosus and hence I kept on asking the driver to move fast. He nodded and started the vehicle. After some 5 minutes, he went on cribbing about his home and how he is tormented daily by these.

This is the exact statement that he told me. “En wifekitta naan tortoise podunnu solluven maa!! ava seriya poda maata.. Nalla pottu saathuven avala. Ozhunga podudeennu pottu adipen!! Raathiri idhunga tholla thaanga mudiyaadhu. Fan pottaa kooda vandhu kadikum. Aana, naan fankku straightaa paduppen. Indha orathula en wifeyaum anda orathula en pullaingalayum thalliduven”.

May be he thought that I appreciate all this because I remained silent throughout the conversation. My worry had been to get home safetly without getting into problems with this sick fellow. I just hope that his wife should get courage to stand up for herself someday!!.


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