December 3, 2006

Friends – 3

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I started this series sometime back and almost forgot them. Only when someone searched for one of my friends name and landed on my blog, this hit me.

Today is the birthday of one of my enigmatic friends. Yeah, you read it right.. She was really a puzzle to me. Till this date. Aarathi Cynthia Priya Vardhini, one of the few females who stick to me from lkg to twelth.

During our primary years, We used to tease her about her rather lengthy name. She would just ignore us and speak with her dreamy doleful eyes. “You people call me Aarathi, In job, people would call me as Cynthia, and my guy will call me Priya Vardhini.. See, you people don’t even have a provision like that”.. We would laugh back, “Nah nah, we would call you Aarti and not Aarathi (coz she can’t pronounce tha). She would soon pound us and hit.

When we were in sixth, she sat besides me. Well, not because we were the best of pals. But, she fought with our then bench leader and teacher had to put her between two silent females so that she will atleast learn from them.. (whos silent? Moi and deepa? lol)

It was then, I became her confidente.. She can fight, go into a shell, or playfully tease, or become tense and bite her nails. She can dress like a pucca homely girl one day, and come like a glam doll the other day. And during one of those years, we picked up a fight. No, not physical, not verbal either. It was like a cold war between us. For four full years, we stopped speaking to each other. Or rather, I should say that I stopped speaking.

Friends took it to the teachers, They even made us stand and asked what was going between us. I still wonder that how can I be that adamant even in that thammathoondu age. And then one day, they made us lab partners. With her holding the burette and looking anxiously at me, I really had to give up my vow.

And then, we even became very close. She took her computer science engineering and I, my electronics. Whenever, I had study holidays, I would take a break from my college friends and would go to her place. Her mom makes delicious food. I loved being there.  During one of her bdays, she refused to cut the cake till I went to her place. The priest who had come to her home to bless her, called me up and asked me to hurry.

Then, she shifted. I was still in college then. None of my friends were in touch with her. Theyd tease me. “She is your best friend, why are you asking us?”. May be she joined some software company as I have. May be she got married and is enjoying her honey moon. Whatever it is, I love to wish her today, “Happy Birthday Aarathi!!” . If you happen to read this by chance, please mail me. 🙂



  1. :)…I felt like singing..”That’s what friends are for…” song pa..I hope she blogs and come across this post and we get to read another post on the reunion 🙂

    Comment by nandu — December 3, 2006 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

  2. lol, how can 2 students not talk for 4 yrs???

    My best friend stopped talking to me in 8th coz i went to lunch with other section friends..our cold war continued for 7 months, we ran rival ‘gangs’, then we two finally made up publicly in the schoolground, like Reagan-Gorbachev :p but sadly the closeness was lost after the reunion 😦 I still think fondly of the pre-breakup days.

    Comment by ttm — December 3, 2006 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

  3. did u try google/orkut? 🙂

    Comment by ttm — December 3, 2006 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

  4. @nandu – 🙂 Sure, I will defn blog again if the reunion happens.

    @ttm – I tried orkut. 😦

    as for the 4 yrs, I think its because of our ego. But the issue is very trivial.. Like, she didnt like me speaking to one of our classmates, and scolded the neighbour kid instead of scolding the classmate. lol.. And since I had a maternal affection towards that kid (perusaa difference iilla.. just two years ), all hell broke loose. 2 days nadakka vendiya sandai.. enakku mooku vera konjam neelaaama!! Touch-me-not plant maadhiri irundhitan.

    But she is one of the best friends I ever had!!!

    Comment by Bindu — December 4, 2006 @ 10:57 am | Reply

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