August 27, 2006

A short story..

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Few days back ..

Had a dream few days back. I saw a cottagehouse in a lush garden. I saw myself in there, lying on the grass and playing with a small kid (around 1-1 1/2 years old). It was beautiful, with its soft skin. It was sitting on my tummy and was trying to pull my hair. It had curly hair and while it was playing with me, its hair kept falling on my tummy tickling me.

Moments later, I saw myself being taken away from the kid, and the kid is left alone. A smoker comes along and tries to bully the kid. I was not able to do anything though I could see everything. Then, a van came along that way. It tried to kill the kid, and the kid started crying and I tried running towards the kid to save it. Then I woke up.

Yesterday ..

I felt very tired yesterday when I reached home. It was 9′ in the night and mom was not there. Brother was there and he told me that pastor’s brother had passed away and mom had gone to pastors place. It was more of a shock for me. True, I knew that he was struggling for life coz of his kidney failure. But, the end was unexpected. His life’s more of a tragedy thanks to his wife. Ever since, he married her, she made sure that he lived in hell.

An eccentric wife she was, and from the moment she came into their home, she started giving trouble to her husband’s brother. And when she found that the brother was not willing, she gave a false complaint in the police station and made their life a mockery. She didn’t care about her own child too. All the past incidents came flashing in my mind.. I went inside and had my dinner and waited for mom to come.

Mom came sometime around 10 and asked me whether I will come for the burial service today at 8. That would mean that I have to get up early and leave by 7. I said, Yes. I wanted to see this uncle and give him a good farewell. Got up early and had bath.Chose a light blue sari with little flowers in it and wore it and left.

Sunday service was simple and solemn. It got over in one hour and soon we prepared ourself for the burial service. Pastor uncle had arranged a van and asked us whether we would like to take the van. I said fine and got into the van and saw that some mid-age people had already occupied the seats. Was wondering whether to get inside or not when Bala (a college student) came with a granny. “Akka (sis), granny also wants to attend the Burial Service, Hold her hand“. I held her hand and made her get inside the van. Only then I realised that none of the middies wanted to vacate their seats for granny.

A few asked her to get down as “She can’t walk that far”.. Not knowing what to do, granny got down again. She must have said something to Bala as he came again and peeped inside the van. “Yaaru sonnadhu, granny venaaamnu?” (Who is that who said Granny can’t come in?). Let granny in. And you, (pointing to a middie), please stand up and give some place to granny. Some murmured saying “Iva avlo thooram vandhu onnu kedaka onnu aachuna enna seyya?

I was standing close to granny and was looking at her. Almost all her teeth had fallen. Her skin looked more like a wrinkled cloth. She was not able to hold on to anything and hence she placed her right hand around my waist and was holding on to me. And then, she leaned on me. I could feel her face and her grey hairs playing on my tummy. (For no reason, my dream came to my mind).

We reached the cemetry 30 minutes later. Granny got down and was seeing the plot with a ray of hope. She looked up to me and asked, “indha thambi seekiram ennayum koopitukkum illa?” (something sort of,would I die soon?) I couldn’t say anything. Went in and participated in the service. Some cried, some wailed and some just shed tears in silence. I didn’t cry.. At some point, I saw grads (my friend and the deceased’s nephew) crying. Tears brimmed on me but I managed. Uncle broke down after some time. I wasn’t sure how to react. Pressed his shoulder and held it for a bit.

Was not able to stand for quite long and tried reaching for some comfort. Few females were sitting and there was no place to sit. A friend of mine, teased saying, “There is no place for you”. I said no problem, and went and sat on her lap. The girls giggled and soon gave place for me.. One aunt was sitting opposite to us seeing everything. “Hmm, nee naale smiling face thaan..eppovum gnabagathukku varum. “.. I looked at her, and smiled. “Idhukkum smileaa? pesa vendiyadha ellaam smilelaye mudichiduviya?“.

Seemed to be a long day and got home as fastly as I could. Mom asked me to take head bath and I went inside the bathroom and poured water on me.. And I broke down.” No, aunty. You don’t know me!!”.



  1. 😦 is what I can feel

    Comment by Usha — August 31, 2006 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  2. How is your dream and this funeral related?

    Comment by vanand — August 31, 2006 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

  3. @Usha – That was just a phase Usha.. wasn’t able to get the death out of my mind… 😦

    @Vanand – two faces resting on me .. read the dream part again 🙂

    Comment by Bindu — September 1, 2006 @ 7:14 am | Reply

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