June 23, 2006

Red Color T-Shirt!!

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Had a sort of a reunion of college friends in a wedding reception. I was awed to see girls and guys with whom I had once chatted, played jokes on and blabbered have turned mature and sober within a short span of time. They stood at a distance, said a formal hello and was hesitant to speak anything else. After the initial, how-are-yous and what-do-you-dos we settled down in the chairs and started watching the crowd and the couple searching for any known faces. I was looking at a kid which was wearing a red color tshirt when my college friend (Lemme say V) nudged me and said, “Do you remember red tshirt?“.. I giggled and turned to him and said, “Oh my!! you still didn’t forget that?“……

Well, that happened when I was in first year of college and we had just joined. It took us hardly two or three weeks to form “The Gang”. We were ten of us and were put in separate batches.. School maadhiri, we had sections. But for some weird reason, they grouped the batches like AB in one class, CD in one class and likewise. So there were 4 sections. These sections became very popular later that we identified popular barrels (read as male figures!!! evanaavadhu inii ponna figurennu solveeenga?) by their batch names. Also, any news that was happening in any batch would immediately be investigated and sorted out in LH ( abbr thevaya? read as: the most popular building in any college campus).

So data quickly poured in like “who is the most to-be watched professor“, with whom you can “vaalu aatify“, shortcuts one can take from firstyear building to hostel so that you can escape from seniors, mastering to sleep with eyes open and ofcourse identifying the TFH, TDH and the most interesting guys of the year. And it so happened, that our gang was equally distributed in each of these 4 sections. So we kinda mingled very well. Every evening, we will have a round table conference in the mess after archanais from XXXXamma (the headcook) discussing events.. One day, A said that one tall guy (notably handsome and charming) came and spoke to her and they had become friends. We all then teased her for sometime and then told her that we wanted to see the fellow.

But then, we were doubtful as to how to make it happen. We were not allowed to roam inside the college campus as it might become one invitation to ragging. She said, “Ok, never mind, I will atleast try to show you the guy from a distance“. Elaaam mandaya nallaa aatinom.. Then A found that it was actually very easy to identify the guy… Some weeks later she came to our room and declared, “See girls, if you see a tall guy in the first year building wearing red tshirt, you can be 100% sure that it’s V… Naanum romba naal paathitan… payyan andha sattaya thavira vera edhuvum poda maaatengaaraan.. I think its like karnan’s kavasa gundalam for him“… Wud my mouth keep quiet ? I laughed and said, “Kavasa kundalamaaa illa payyan sattaya wash panradhu illayaaa?“. Then another round of teasings were exchanged.

After this, the identification process started. Slowly each one of us saw V and then got introduced to him.. But it somehow happened that K and myself never got the chance to see him.. Once during the serial tests, I saw one red tshirt passing by.. I submitted the paper and ran like anything .. and misfortune (or fortune) that I couldn’t see him.. Hostel vandhu, I puzhambified to A saying, what is this A, you all have seen this guy and K and myself have not seen him.. And so it happened like that and we had the darshan of his back for another couplea times but never saw his face… A also gave one super buildup (matrix rangeukku) about this guy that we got very curious to see him.

Idhula some 6 months passed and we had the freshers function.. A came and alerted us saying that V is participating in the culturals and we all will have a chance to see him atleast then.. Functionumm aaarmabichudhu.. I sat next to A just to make sure that I dont miss seeing V. V also came.. and showed his back darshan for some more times.. Romba kadupaagi vaazhkaye veruthu poi we were watching all programmes.. Then A suddenly shook me saying.. “see see V is coming towards us“.. I looked up immediately and saw him.. Paatha adhirchila koncha neram voiceeee varala.. She then proudly asked us, “Ok, finally you have seen him!! payyan eppadi!! “….

I turned my head and winked, “Hmmm A, nee firstee payyan kadalora kavithaigal sathyaraaj maadhiri irupaannu solli irukalaaame ? It would have been very easy for us then“.. A- kku vandha kovathukku enna appove pottu mothi iruppaaa .. but she showed some manners in the audi.. After that, we all laughed over the matter for some time and got introduced to the guy.. and made it a point to tell the ‘red tshirt story’ to him as well.. A sportive guy, he was.. laughed at it and made it a point to tease us back..

Hmmm.. then V nudged again and said, “enna red shirt gnaabagam illa?“.. I laughed again and thought.. Some people never change… 🙂



  1. neenga barrels nu sollunga barrels square nu sollunga…figures figures thaan…atha naanga maathika mudiyaathu…guys yaaravathu enaku appuram comment paneengana pls back me up 🙂

    Comment by Syam — June 23, 2006 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  2. yeah.. certain are never to change… and thats what make things better!.. so hear that! you dont change :p…

    Comment by sujit — June 24, 2006 @ 4:35 am | Reply

  3. Hey, teeza stuff embedded on your website is am amazing thought! and a good work!.. keep it!!

    Comment by sujit — June 24, 2006 @ 4:36 am | Reply

  4. hmm…nalla alaya vittan poliruke :))

    Comment by Usha — June 24, 2006 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

  5. malarum ninaivugal,eh?

    Comment by Harish — June 26, 2006 @ 3:29 pm | Reply

  6. @Syam – Ungala elaaaam thirutha mudiyaadhyu

    @Sujit – Thanks Captain 🙂

    @Usha – appaa!! adhu super alaichal…. onnaa rendaaaa 6 months indha payyana paaakanumnnu alanchom…

    @Harish – he he!!!

    Comment by Bindu — June 28, 2006 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  7. well-written.. bought back some of my own school memories 🙂

    Comment by KandyKane — June 29, 2006 @ 3:10 am | Reply

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