May 22, 2006

Devi.. Sridevi…..

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Happened to meet an interesting female during travel. She is working in a local daily 'Dinakaran' and seems to be an all bubbly character.. Though I didn't feel the closeness immediately, I should say that I enjoyed her comments.

Just thought of noting this down too. Sridevi(She) was saying about how one of her friends was finding it hard to cope up with her "new" mom-in-law and how this female was advising and pulling her leg.

Ist Plan:

When mom-in-law scolds or irritates you, just remain silent and don't utter a word. Save that all for the evening for your loving husband. When he returns, give him tea/coffee and go to your room without saying a word.. He would be a little surprised but won't suspect you for a bit. Soon after he comes in, close the door. Close the windows one after one.. The more the windows, better. As and when you close the window.. imagine yourself to be "I Know" Raghuvaran (adhu enna film paa?). Keep repeating the mantra.. "Your mom scolded me".. "Your mom scolded me".. "Your mom scolded me", "Your mom scolder me"… till he starts crying and begs you to stop. Your mom-in-law would soon notice that her son is terrified about something 😉 and would stop troubling you..

IInd Plan:
This works out even better. For this, all you have to do is to imagine yourself to be "Azhagan's Banupriya"… Follow the steps as said in the first plan and soon after you are done. Stand on the bed and start dancing while uttering the mantra. Not only the husband, the whole street would gather around in minutes and beg the mom-in-law to stop..

Well, just for laughs.. . Nevertheless, when this female enacted this as "Raghuvaran" or "Banupriya", It was hilarious.



  1. tat Raghuvaran Movie is ‘Puriyatha Puthir’

    Comment by kutti — May 22, 2006 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  2. yeah nice fun..hehe

    Comment by sujit — May 23, 2006 @ 2:24 am | Reply

  3. Very hilarious :))

    Comment by Usha — May 24, 2006 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

  4. 3rd Plan – mom-in-law thoongum pothu thalaila kalla thooki podalam

    Comment by Syam — May 24, 2006 @ 5:52 pm | Reply

  5. @kutti- Aaanh!!! remembered now 🙂 what movie paa!! I got so scared of raghuvaran.

    @sujit, Usha- he he.

    @Syam- Thalaivaaaaa !! un kaaal enga?

    Comment by Bindu — May 25, 2006 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

  6. To be honest, I donot find this as a joke when i am reading this… this thinking itself is absolute …

    Mother-in-law is nothing but mother…this mindset will create the flexibility to adjust with senior people…

    Comment by krk — May 27, 2006 @ 1:09 am | Reply

  7. @krk- absolute crap? That was a joke meant to relax the troubled individual KRK!!! Yup, mom-in-law is nothing but mother, IF daughter-in-law is considered as daughter..

    I never said anything about all mother-in-laws.. Only talked about those who LIKE to crib and cherish humiliating their daugther in laws.. All new brides, come to a new setup, to a new set of people and they do take time to settle. While they try all their means to adjust to the environment, one who is at home, should make them feel even more comfortable and GUIDE them.. not HUMILIATE them..

    These are new days. To the good, we show ourselves good. To the bad, we show ourselves shrewd. Get it?

    Comment by Bindu — May 27, 2006 @ 5:48 am | Reply

  8. Well…I tried to think my MIL as a aged and senior person…but it didn’t work, sorry!! I just cannot imagine her as my mom!!

    Comment by friend — September 14, 2006 @ 8:42 pm | Reply

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