February 25, 2006

Would we ever realise?

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I was watching a TV program with mom when my aunt called up. She’s taking care of one of my cousins whose mother passed away at a very young age. Whenever aunt calls up, it would either be someone is sick or there is a recent gossip or this cousin is upto some mischief. And, what mischief did he commit this time? Hes going to cinema theatres daily. Well, for the viewers in here, my aunts family is kinda orthodox and looks down at people watching movies.

I fine tuned my ear so that I could eavesdrop on the conversation. I particularly wanted to know my mother’s view on this. What my mother said, was even more funny. She was like, “Even the kids these days are doing stuff what elders would do.. what can we advise teenage boys?.. Pasanga ellaaam pinchiliye pazhuthuu raanga

Aaan, now this is turning even more interesting. I knew exactly what my mother was hinting at when she said this. But it wouldn’t be clear to you at this stage. Let me explain.

For people, who are used to read my blogs, they would be familiar with my cousin S, who is now in his V std. He’s a sweet boy and is all enthu when it comes to play or maths. But sometime back, we had an issue that we had to face because of him. One of S’s friends was in love (YEAH!!) with his neighbour. You might wonder, how S managed to find friends of this age. Well, S’s friend is just one year older and the love interest is one year younger to S (meaning that one is in VI and one is in IV).

And here, this guy found a friend in S and wanted his help in doing something noble. (well, the same noble thing that all heroes of tamil cinema do and are glorified for that. SUCKS!!). They wanted to write a love letter to the girl. They got an inland letter and S wrote (well, this part is censored). If you people are thinking that they would have gone to the girls parents, you are wrong. They wanted to post the letter and went straight to the post box. One nosy neighbour of them was seeing these people for quite sometime and went behind these guys to find out what they are upto. Now, the guy whose concerned in this matter, is this neighbour’s friends son. So, he managed to escape and S got caught.

This issue was brought to the notice of my uncle whos is already not that even tempered and who is always over burdened with his work. He beat up the child like anything that day. The next day, aunt (not the aunt of the first para. She’s S’s mother and a sane woman) was at our steps with S. She said the story and asked us whether S can stay with us for the weekend. Mother said yes, but was somehow worried about the whole incident. No one seemed to talk to him. I returned from my work place on that day and got to know the whole story. I too, was uncomfortable initially but then, he was my friend too.. and I wanted to break the ice.

So I casually asked him. “S, why did you do it?“. He didn’t expect me asking him. May be he felt hurt. But his eyes were bursting with tears when he said, “Bindu akka, that guy said that my handwriting is good. Thats why, I wrote it”..

For all, those aunts in there.. who think of nothing but bullshit.. what can I say about this innocent cousin of mine?

I embraced him.. and asked, “Hey, I have got Toy story from my friend. Do you wanna watch it with me?“. He wiped his tears and nodded. And there we went, me reclining on my bed with remote in hand and S having his head on my lap and we forgot our worries and took upon Woody’s worries.

Guess, I started this on a different note and it ended differently. But as I think over this matter, I feel that its the parents responsibility. What do parents do when kids want to watch cartoon network or pogo channel? Why do parents always want to watch THEIR channel of preference? And why do they try to moralize the kids when they themselves are the cause of all problems? If one keeps watching namitha and sarathkumar all the time, what would the kids impression be?



  1. 🙂 The instants here is so happening!! Poor little cousin S.I feel bad for him. Actually I was in a situation like this, my friend wrote a letter and I was there when he gave it.. They called me for investigation and stuff..boy o boy and guess what it was class five too. I feel that at certain issues and channels you need parents advice.. but then cartoons make up a major part of kids life.. thet shudnt be stopped from that..saying u need ta study and then later let then watch a movie starting Khussboo and a flaw-eyed hero.

    But then do parents talk with kids about happening issues..?? no.. do they spend, they are too busy for them…and that why the go for any other alternative in thier free time.

    Comment by Nanyaar? — February 25, 2006 @ 8:03 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for stopping by Blogroll, do you need to ask?


    Comment by DV — February 26, 2006 @ 6:16 am | Reply

  3. This s real sensitive post and shud be sorry for S’s innocence and work done by him…

    Here s a real story pointing ur angle? student of 6th class carrying mobile phone to school an all through the day he wud make missedcalls to his neighbour’s daughter, who s doing college? she let the things happenin’ for a month and this went real serious when his friend(who s doing 10th class) called her for a date, funny… but it went like a serious issue…! Finally in the parents association it was solved by both the parents like they are brothers and sisters.. Personally i heard, that 6th standard guy talked to her badly and she had warned her manytimes ….. and nw both family s trying to create problems to eactother, like a mouse and rat cartoon movie….

    This s real blind, hw the childerns shud be brough up !!!!!

    Comment by arunbu — February 26, 2006 @ 1:14 pm | Reply

  4. I had my first crush in LKG. The love letter didnt materialise coz I didnt know how to write. he he Just kidding!
    Kids do a lot of crap upto age 12, not all of them need to be punishable. Maturity(or the lack of it) should be taken into account. Once they pass a certain age, they will learn to handle peer influence on their own.

    Comment by thetalkativeman — March 8, 2006 @ 10:26 am | Reply

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