February 22, 2006

Chic-king or Chic-killing?

Filed under: Just For Laughs,Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 5:53 pm

Got one forward and couldn’t help laugh at it..

Chicken and eggs have been ruled out at home.. Anyways, I always wanted to be a vegetarian.. hope the change at home is permanent.



  1. Well it hasnt come to Armenia even thought its in the surrounding countries., but I still eat egss..had boiled.. Yeah I guess Its time I stop.. 😦

    Comment by Nanyaar? — February 23, 2006 @ 12:45 am | Reply

  2. well..i cant stay away from chicks 😉

    Comment by jaganpathra — February 23, 2006 @ 9:23 am | Reply

  3. I find cool seeing people preffering veg’n dishes….., thre s no other go…. hmmm

    Comment by bu — February 23, 2006 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  4. @Nanyaar- Most of the people I know have stopped eating it for the time being. Yeah.. being a vegetarian by effort is a real noble thing to do.. After all, we have to do this sometime later 😀

    @jagan- Neenga enna suryahku pakkathu veeda? ore double entendre aa irukku?

    @arunbu- Hmmm no, really.. Hear that mutton prices have gone up . LOL

    Comment by Bindu — February 23, 2006 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

  5. Similar to Newtons third law…

    “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”..

    Comment by babu — February 23, 2006 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

  6. yeah, its time to change the habbits.. but I do not think there is an issue over here in US… haven;t heard a word of panic. Or may be that I am enclosed inside a lab.. i do no tknow!!.. Anyhow I am a veggie for a while now..

    Comment by sujit — February 23, 2006 @ 8:38 pm | Reply

  7. Oh god the world is changing fast as usual. only i failed to notice.sribble is keeping up with times.all this fuss about bird flu is a farce.i am sure it has been with us for years unofficially.when flu hit asia sometime back all the countries panicked but we in India officialy undertook emergency measures—–A banner was put up in all the airports announcing screening for all incoming passengers.A medical team was made to sit in the arrival hall and all the incoming passengers were made to walk thru the screening cabin with out any thing happening. bird flu is most probably our recent gift to the world.

    Comment by vb — February 25, 2006 @ 11:11 am | Reply

  8. @Babu- 😉

    @Sujit- Hey, hows life out there? you haven’t been blogging for quite some time.

    @Vb- Welcome back to earth 😉 Where were you all this while?

    Comment by Bindu — February 26, 2006 @ 11:18 am | Reply

  9. There is a serene and peace-ful feeling about being here. Makes you want to stick around for a while.

    Comment by cuisine dakshin from india south vegetarian — September 28, 2006 @ 6:03 am | Reply

  10. Well, its already made it to wiki. Hussein was a creature of power. And a real tyrant. Glad he is gone however I think we need to get out!

    Comment by Sadamm Hussein — January 1, 2007 @ 1:32 pm | Reply

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