February 19, 2006

am happy and blessed!! Can you say that?

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Happened to have very little time for myself that I could not spend time on my diary… Something happened during the week and I thought of blogging it. Searched for a suitable image on the net, found one and had kept Sunday as THE DAY to write the post…

But all that changed today,during the service. That post can wait.. I heard about one amazing person from the Pastor and would want to blog about her today.

Almost all christians would be familiar with the song, Blessed Assurance. Or I even guess that almost all who had studied in a convent would know this song.. Its one of the most often sung songs and most loved..

I had often got lost in the song’s depth and have wondered what soul could have written such a beautiful song… And I heard about her today..

Thats, Fanny J. Crosby, a teacher who had lost her sight when she was just six weeks old.
When the pastor said this, I was awestruck and when we sang, I started pondering and deciphering the words again looking for phrases in a new perception until we sang this line.

I in my Savior, am happy and blessed

What a wonderful testimony!! to be happy and content even in trying circumstances… I wish everyone would be like this (including me).. being happy at all situations and radiating happiness..

Three Cheers to you Lady!!!



  1. I love all of Fanny crosby’s Songs. I never knew before that she was blind.She ofcourse is a strenght and testimony to us.. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Nanyaar? — February 19, 2006 @ 5:20 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah, its wondetfull to be like that.. But, dont know at something point of time we get lost somewhere?.. in search of something..!

    Comment by Sujit — February 19, 2006 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

  3. I am leaving today.. so may be off for a while..!! sorry… tata

    Comment by Sujit — February 19, 2006 @ 8:19 pm | Reply

  4. @nanyaar- Yeah. I too didn’t know it till I heard it yesterday… Have to get the 100 hymns book sometime this week.

    @Sujit- Yes, we seem to be in search of something all the time. And if we don’t get it, we lose our patience and start cribbing and lamenting.. I am amazed by this lady’s faith and love.. To be blind, and yet write depthful songs that would be remembered even 100 years later, is quite an achievement…

    wonder what I’ll do… And yeah!!! happy vacation to you!! πŸ™‚

    Comment by Bindu — February 20, 2006 @ 4:45 am | Reply

  5. an awesome lady, she lived and endured till the age of 95. Wrote around 8000 songs.

    Comment by thetalkativeman — February 22, 2006 @ 8:48 pm | Reply

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