February 4, 2006

Some observations !!

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Guess Saturdays, are the slowest days and the most leisurely days of my life.. Tend to observe a lot on these days…

1) Do you want to find out whether an auto driver is from Velachery? He would most probably sitting on the right corner place of his seat, even if the rest of the place is empty.

2) Saw a young woman, with just a thaali (mangal sutra) on her neck and wearing a low cost cotton sari.. Her hair was well oiled and well plaited. She had kumkum on her forehead and had a baby in her arms…

I think… all other Miss. Universe’s would come no-where before her.. She was such a beauty..

Now, If there is any guy reading this post.. please skip the below part. I am telling for your good only.

3) As I entered the station, I saw a group of guys (might be school students too..) standing and were looking intently in a wrong direction.. Some of the women too were turning and seeing. Well, now I needn’t tell you about my curiosity level.. So I too turned and look.

I saw a girl dressed in a low waist blue jean and white short tops.. The jean was well below her navel and the tops started well below her cl****** and well above her navel.. Well, this was no news to me .. as I am seeing this once too often these days..

I went and sat on the bench near by and one aunty (I got to know that she’s the mother of a plus-two student) started speaking to me..

Wonder, whether this girl’s mother saw her before leaving..

Why do you say that aunty?

If I had been in her position, I would have torn her clothes.. So that she doesn’t get to wear that again.

Well, aunty. The culture has changed. These days, no one minds this. Infact, showing a bit of cl****** seems to be acceptable in some culture..

Whatever, may be.. You know.. I’ll tell you something that I saw last week. My husband and myself were travelling and we saw a guy and a girl on a bike. The girl was almost “monkey hugging” (aunty used a tamil word and I am not sure how to translate it better) the guy. She was wearing a sleeveless and know what? Her underarms had not been shaved.. and a bit of bosom was also seen.. Worse, the short tops she was wearing and the jean didn’t serve any purpose of clothing. We could all see her pantihose.. and the brand name too.. If my daughter had done this, I would have gone and burnt her alive..

Ok. Now, people.. I was just a listener till now.. and have narrated what I have seen.. Following are my comments about this..

1) For advertisers (particularly undergarments) :
Please make note of this. You can come up with a similar or even a better visual when you do a ad.. Instead of showing a guy .. trying to keep his “underwear” up all the time while dancing with his girlfriend.

2) To those girls, who like wearing short tops and jeans.. but wouldn’t like to see yourself in a similar sitution:
While buying clothes, try and see whether it fits you perfectly. And if possible.. make use of safety pins to keep garments in their respective positions.

3) To those girls, who like wearing so and so.. and have a devil-may-care attitude about this..
Do consider, that people whose glances you might receive also may have a devil-may-care attitude.



  1. Yep, as you said, culture has changed. But heard that chennai is better than more open bangalore. And its pretty common. Yep, nice idea and a freeware idea to AD agencies about garments.

    Before I could go to Boston as well as Portland trips.. poeple used to say.. say out enjoy free shows out there… but astonishingly what I found was that.. people were as normal as those guys and girls in MG road, bridgade road or commercial street. How close are we westernization?.. in everything?.. But still the indian way is the best!!.. May not be for all occasions, for eg. trekking, sports.. etc.

    Comment by Sujit — February 5, 2006 @ 4:35 pm | Reply

  2. “Have cleavage, will flaunt it” seems to me to be the best attittude. What is so shameful about it? Probably, that was the real Indian way too, before the British covered us in unnecessary clothing…

    Comment by Yayati — February 8, 2006 @ 1:07 am | Reply

  3. i feel clothing is a personal choice.if an individual thinks she or he can carry it well, then so be it. it reflects the confidence and character. how others “judge” things is a reflection of their character. in any refined society there wont be any harping about “you cant wear that”. why not? because men lose their control? women get jealous? if so we are in a crude society.

    Do consider, that people whose glances you might receive also may have a devil-may-care attitude. – That is the problem! Not the clothing.

    we cannot call ourselves cultured just because we cover ourselves or force others to get covered head to toe. considering half of the women in the so called “conservative” societies of india dont care about their figure or appearance its no suprise what they will have to tell about all this. i feel such grooming and fitness is very important so that not only the society can respect you, but also for self respect. but ofcourse, appropriateness of clothing is important, for me atleast – you may not want to go to a temple in micro minis – but maybe if you really wanted to, then thats ok too.

    Comment by Mind Curry — February 8, 2006 @ 12:23 pm | Reply

  4. Glad to hear all kinda arguments…

    As mindcurry says, its true that its a personal choice of the woman. She can show whatever she has and can also opt to go out in nude wherever if she wants to. Wonder what Yayati and mind curry would say for this.

    Do you think men will lose their control by seeing it? Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, no. But I personally don’t know any men who would LOVE to see women like this going out in public. Atleast, they won’t let the women of their household do so in public.

    Do you think women will get jealous.. ? No, definitely not. Not one person I know would be jealous.. Some might turn their heads away in disgust though..

    And to say that it reflect confidence and character..

    Till now, for me character means loving thy neighbour and thyself and being of good use to the society..

    And confidence.. would come when you succeed in doing it.

    I never knew that by revealing skin, one reflects her character.. Wow!! Are the women so deprived of their character and confidence that they have to reveal something and get it? If yes, I don’t know what to say.. Guess I am living in a very crude society as a 19th century lady among enlightened women boosting with confidence by flaunting their cleavage.

    Comment by Bindu — February 8, 2006 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

  5. Hey Bindu, i so very echo ur views.!!!!

    it disgusts me many a time to see girls/women dressed as such. its so weird to see them forget the conutry they come from and act as dogs let loose.! doing wht they awnt.!

    the real motive behind wearing it? men? comfortable? western appeal?

    only the one who wears will know!

    until then i can just be a paati and crib abt wht the world is comin to!

    Comment by ramses — February 8, 2006 @ 4:30 pm | Reply

  6. I dont think it was indian way of skin show before britishers came. If you are referring to the sculture and base your point on that.. then it was only an artistic view.. not reality.

    Comment by Sujit — February 8, 2006 @ 4:58 pm | Reply

  7. On a contradiction, my friends met few europeans in the campus. So, those guys were saying that… westernized indian road show in MD Road, brigade road or in commerical street is horrible. They were praising at the cultural aspect what we are!!!… which was contradicting to the skin show requirements.!!

    Comment by Sujit — February 9, 2006 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

  8. @Ramya: only the one who wears will know!

    Way to go ramya!!! You got the point correctly.. This can be answered only by those people I guess..

    @Sujit: 🙂 One of the reasons why foreigners love our country is our culture, our tradition and our family…

    People can’t always dress in traditional attire though.. Salwar kameez, tops and jeans and sarees are indeed the norm today.. I have seen women wearing formal wear (shirts and trousers) and appearing very decently.

    But shedding of basic clothing is carrying a bit too far… While I definitely feel, that we shouldn’t ask those people to change..Change should come from within.. It should never be forced..

    My post was directed at some people… who want to dress in western wear but at the same time appear modestly.. There can be times.. when their dress reveals something that they normally wouldn’t like to show.. At those points, if someone helps out them by saying… they would definitely thank them..

    And Sujit, I admire your courage.. to come out and take a stand on a very sensitive topic!!! Thanks for bringing out to light.. what the europeans think about us..

    Comment by Celia — February 9, 2006 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

  9. hmm, pathetic situation!

    Comment by kicha — February 21, 2006 @ 11:07 am | Reply

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