December 25, 2005

Joy To The World!!!

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I wish you all a very happy Christmas.. Have a wonderful feast and fun filled day šŸ™‚

Got so many wishes and emails wishing for happy christmas… And one of my friends had chosen to send me a story rather than a simple wish. Would like to share it with you all.

Big GOD …

Two men went fishing. One was an experienced fisherman, the other wasn’t. Every time the experienced fisherman caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it
fresh. Whenever the inexperienced fisherman caught a big fish, he threw it back.

The experienced fisherman watched this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing the man waste good fish. “Why do you keep throwing back all the
big fish you catch?” he asked.

The inexperienced fisherman replied, “I only have a small frying pan.”

Sometimes, like that fisherman, we throwback the big plans, big dreams, big jobs, big opportunities that God gives us. Our faith is too small.

We laugh at that fisherman who didn’t figure out that all he needed was a bigger frying pan, yet how ready are we to increase the size of our faith?

Whether it’s a problem or a possibility, God will never give you anything bigger than you can handle. That means we can confidently walk into anything God brings our way.

You can do all things through God. Nothing is too big for God.


Stop telling God you’ve got big problems.
Tell your problems you’ve got a BIG GOD!

Lets remember that we all have got a mighty God who takes care of all our needs and loves us like anything that he even came into the world and gave his life for us..
So, Never, never Give up šŸ™‚



  1. Nice read, ma’me.. This gud story really greeting u with warmth truths and essences in life..theme post, liked this much.

    Merry Christams Celia, hope enjoying this great day with fun and devotions!!

    Comment by Anbae — December 25, 2005 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  2. Good thing… and otherthing is that.. the inexperinced fisherman could have cut the fish and used with the same frying pan… rather than thinking of geting a bigger frying pan!!..

    Comment by Sujit — December 26, 2005 @ 10:35 pm | Reply

  3. Nice story šŸ™‚
    We really can be really dumb, cant we?

    Comment by Anonymous — December 30, 2005 @ 10:34 am | Reply

  4. @Anbae- Thank you. Wish you a very happy new year!!

    @Sujit- LATERAL THINKING!!! .. but when I read this story, I thought about me and how I regard my problems.. Sometimes, we lack faith in ourselves and God and behave more like the inexperienced fisherman…

    @anonymous- Ask Me!!! šŸ™‚

    Comment by bindhu — December 30, 2005 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

  5. Nice Story…

    It’s true that many have very little faith…

    But, Just by telling someone that GoD will never give you anything bigger than you can handle…will it change the way people look at things…will it effect the faith of the people..

    What people need to think BIG, achieve BIG, is to have faith in themselves…have self-confidence..have the courage..

    Happy New Year..

    Comment by vaasu — January 2, 2006 @ 7:57 pm | Reply

  6. @Vaasu – Thanks for dropping by. For any task we would need to have confidence in ourselves. Most of us do have it. There are some who lack in it and need special attention.

    This post is for some people who think that they have NO HOPE.. And think that their future is doomed to destruction…

    My mom tells me the story of eagle and her kids every now and then. Have you ever seen how eagle brings up its young ones?

    It takes its young by its claws, goes to the highest summit and then drops it there. The young one panicks.. Sees the great height, and falls.. When it thinks that all is going to end, there comes the eagle holding it in her wings… This cycle is repeated till the infant is sure that Momma eagle will definitely come to his help if something wrong happens.. And he tries to fly … and wins…

    This is what I tried to post as a new year wish!! For every friend out there and for me!! šŸ™‚

    Comment by bindhu — January 2, 2006 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

  7. Very True…So, the young one knows that its mom will come to rescue her if anything happens…and that boosts it’s confidence and courage..

    But, if the same mother eagle says…son, just jump from the mountain and if something happens GOD will come and rescue you..and then the mother eagle sits and prays for GOD to rescue her kid..imagine what will happen..

    the mother is GOD to the she sees that nothing happens to its child..

    What I am trying to say is “rather than saying that there is GOD to someone and he will look after you..just be a GOD to someone..”

    PS: don’t take any offense..I’m just trying to express my views..and I apologize if I hurt anyone’s sentiments..:)

    Comment by vaasu — January 2, 2006 @ 10:00 pm | Reply

  8. Wow Vaasu!! Thats fantastic .. Guess we both are speaking the same thing but in a different angle..

    As said before, what we are speaking here is boosting one’s confidence and NOT being IDLE and simply praying…

    I believe in the mantra that anyone whos tries eventually succeeds.. But sometimes, trying times can really test one’s patience.. At those times, one needs intervention..

    Yes, God does help those who try. Mostly through his own people, just like what you said and sometimes through books or videos or other forms of communication… (perhaps BLOGS??)

    I sincerely believe that am not sending a wrong message to the bloggers out here asking them to keep trying and believe in themselves and in God who wants to help them… As for we people, when we find these people in need, we do help them..

    Have you remembered those times when you helped out a fellow student in his studies? Do you think that its the conscientious YOU that did the benevolent act? NO… God saw that the student was in need and saw that you HAD THE GOODNESS in YOU to help someone.. and you did help..

    The way we think is different.. But I hope what we think is finally the same.

    Comment by bindhu — January 2, 2006 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

  9. I will tell you something that defines the behaviour of a human being…where most of the time we relate the behaviour to divine power or GOD message (tht u said abt helping student..)which I don’t agree…

    one of the formualtions made by kant:(german philosopher)

    1. Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it would become a universal law.

    –Have you ever taught why people
    say it is bad to steal, it is bad to lie..or any other moral activity– (not because you will go to hell or punished by GOD if u steal, lie)

    The proposition permissible to steal(A) would result in a contradiction because the notion of stealing presupposed the existence of property. If Action A is universalized, then there could be no property, and the proposition has logically annihilated itself. Hence we have a perfect duty never to steal.

    Action B: “It is permissible to lie” were true, there must be language, but the universalization of lying would destroy the meaningfulness of language.


    Comment by vaasu — January 2, 2006 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

  10. What do you think is the prime motive of any living thing on this earth…it’s survival.

    And, human being the most cruel and dangerous species on this earth, these moral laws are something that will help humans survive in this world…

    once these laws are defined by some wisest men…they got to be followed by one and all…and how do u make everyone follow them….there comes the fear factor..

    when a kid doesn’t do his homework…and if his mom tells him, you should do homework because education is very important…..he doesn’t care…but if the mom says, if you don’t do homework, your teacher will punish you..he will sit and finish the homework…

    I quoted the above example just to illustrate that it’s the fear inside the people that make them do things..

    The term “GOD” has hence been coined to make people fear someone…to make people follow these moral laws..

    If I go and say a lay man, don’t lie..because it will not help us survive..he won’t care..but if I say, GOD will punish you if you lie…he will fear lying….

    What do people in temple, church preach….GOD is powerful..he sees everything you do…so, fear GOD..don’t do anything immoral that GOD doesn’t like…otherwise you will be punished by GOD…and since GOD is told to be something unseen and out of the world….we got to believe it..

    Ofcourse, institutions like temple, chruch and any holy place are the sole reason why we are all living peacefully in this world…

    I’m not trying to prove any point…I am just expressing my views…which might not be acceptable by anyone…:)

    Comment by vaasu — January 4, 2006 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  11. Hi Vaasu.. Now I have a doubt on where you are heading… Do you mean to say that there is no God and God is someone created by humans just to hold humanity??

    This might be your thinking.. but it needn’t be true. Its not fair to be judgemental on someone without knowing them..

    I remember a verse from the holy book which says, “O Taste and See that the Lord is GOOD”… Probably you can try this out.

    As far as your FEAR logic is concerned, I was discussing it with my Brother when he said the following..

    What do you think is the prime motive of any living thing on this earth…it’s survival – True

    And, human being the most cruel and dangerous species on this earth, these moral laws are something that will help humans survive in this world…- True again.

    For the other comments on fear, I am a christian and so can only give a christian answer. We believe in a God who loves us so much that he humbled Himself to turn into human flesh and come and die for us in our world. When He has displayed His love for me in such amazing ways, its only right that I love Him back, right?

    Most religions operate like u say: “Do this or else God will punish you!” But not christianity….because God loved us first, we love Him back. Therefore, we CHOOSE to obey Him out of love NOT fear…hope you see the difference.

    In fact there is a letter in the Bible written by one of the first 12 Apostles of Jesus, His name is John. He writes in his first letter that “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has punishment. He who fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18)

    Going back to your first two sentences, the christian answer is, it is the absence of love which makes the human a cruel being, NOT fear. Once we realise love, morals are taken care of automatically and we will think of others also apart from just self-survival. For e.g. if a child and its mother are caught in a fire, the mother will do her best to save her baby even if it means giving up her own survival, right? Reason is her love for the child, not morals.

    And there is no such confidence booster that can compete with LOVE..So if people are down in their spirits, it is LOVE that lifts them up.. And that was what portrayed in my post.

    Comment by bindhu — January 5, 2006 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

  12. thanks a lot for prolonging the discussion in a true spirit…

    I’m not being judgemental about anyone or anything…as I said it’s just my views..which I agree might be wrong..I’m just trying to reason out…

    I agree with the point that it’s the absence of love, and not fear that humans are cruel…

    but I have my own queries if I may…

    Comment by vaasu — January 6, 2006 @ 3:04 am | Reply

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