October 17, 2005


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We have a new french faculty this time. The one who took for us was finding it hard to manage three sessions per day and hence she was relieved off one of the batches. We all miss her, but the current one also seems to be good. Since last saturday and sunday were “Lire en Fête”, most of her lessons were about it.

It was becoming monotonous at one point when she pointed to Madan and asked him a question. He didn’t answer it correctly but she persuaded him to speak some sentences in french and sent us ROTFL. And then she asked him his age. When he told her, that he is 14 ans, she exclaimed that he is the benjamin in the class.

The whole class BLINKED. She then explained that benjamin means “youngest child” in french. Everyone took a note of it. I didn’t because this was not an easy word to forget. Benjamin was the last son of Jacob (or Israel, the jewish patriarch). I was surprised after hearing the word because its two birds in one stone.

Any non-french speaker, on hearing the word would easily know that they mean “youngest” when they say “benjamin” and at the same time, for the natives, its easier to carry over the story of benjamin. Tradition is preserved, so is the language. What a cool way!!! I just wonder whether we use any historical words in common usage. Couldn’t come up with any.


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