October 11, 2005

Managing Kids!!!

Filed under: When I get wild — Celia Rexselin @ 10:49 pm

I think kids become more difficult as the night progresses. My cousins have come home and all was well till I put them in bed and logged on to my COM. Oh my!! two minutes of neglect and they picked up the worst of fights.. Wonder for what???

My cot has been placed against the wall and both were not interested in taking the far end of the bed.. Dunno for what reason!!! After a minute, the 7 year old was on top of the 11 yr old and both of them were trying to emulate WWF players. Sigh!! took on the role of Rosalyn and tried acting strict. They kept quiet, hmm for the next 5 minutes. I started checking my inbox again but soon they came after me asking every possible question. Then I had to switch on some music for them to sing lullaby. The younger one fell for it and is asleep. Elder one wanted to relieve himself and hasn’t come out of the toilet and its been 15 minutes.. Wonder what happened to the toilet!! Let me go and check!!!


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