September 6, 2005

Friends- 2

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Beaula’s father got transferred when we were in our 3rd grade. So the family shifted to Nagercoil and friends separated. We tried staying in touch. She wrote some 3 letters to me and I replied back and soon after we lost track of each other. I went into a depression of having lost a close friend. Other friends like Sylvia Rose, James, Aarathi and Maggi were there but I didn’t try to get close to anyone. But that was only till we got into 4th standard.

Gangai Amaran & Co:
This guy from ceylon was our class pupil leader from 2nd grade to 5th grade. He used to tell us stories of how his family and himself managed to escape from the sinhalese people and got into tamilnadu. That was a time when we didn’t have enough time for talking. So we somehow tried to find time during our class hours. Our history & Geography classes were very useful for this. The teacher was Swami Miss, an old spinster and martinet. She demanded utmost discipline and didn’t like it when one gets his/her hands close to the face. “Pig!! take your dirty hands off your face!”, She would say. But rumour had it that she had a wasting disease on her head and because of that she hardly ever washed her hair. People used to say that no one can get close to her without having his hands on his nostrils as the stench was unbearable.

One guy, Stalin the rowdy, tried to practically test it. But he was afraid though, so even before he could get close to her, he kept his nose covered. She found him at a distance and had him kneel down in front of the classroom. Now let me come back
to the classes. Old she was, and so she used to sit on her chair and take classes. She didn’t come for rounds like other teachers. Though I was short, I somehow managed to sit on the last bench together with Maggi and Sadhana. Gangai and Pushpalatha were sitting in the front. Oh! I forgot to tell about Pushpa rite..

I don’t know whether this is a fortunate or unfortunate accident (or serendipity) but it always happened that, gangai would sit next to a brahmin girl. And so he would tease her to the maximum about the prawns that she ate without anyone knowing or
the crab that he found in her tiffin box. Though we didn’t encourage him much, we really couldn’t help but laugh on that. But that was only when he didn’t have time for anything else. So on this fateful day, he decided that he would tell us the story
of “Armor of God” that he saw the previous day. We weren’t able to hear him properly and so we asked him to turn to our side facing us and then go ahead with the story. Swami miss was deep into her history lessons and didn’t notice. We went too much
into the story and were very involved. It came to a point, where in the gang asks the hero about the armor of god. The hero’s friend says.. “Its inside this”, pointing to his back. When they get it and open it.. out comes the tomatoes. “Then what
happened? ” I asked. Suddenly there was a knock on my head. It was so sudden that it caught me off guard and it everyone got it too. Our class teacher, Prema miss and come then and she found out what we were doing. She then made us go outside the
class and kneel down. Too bad, that we didn’t get to hear the full story. Should see it sometime soon.


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