September 5, 2005

Getting Personal!

Filed under: Unrelated — Celia Rexselin @ 11:43 pm

Was watching a movie where in the main lead was telling his lady love that she should take “Every thing as business and not personal”. Yeah! thats what life seems to be .. is that so? My parents have gone to my cousin’s wedding tonight in which lots of money exchange is taking place. Well, thats business. People who have money have been invited and poor relatives are considered as lesser mortals and have been shunned. Wonder how dare people can be!! I would like to take everything as personal. Every damn thing. Thats one reason, why I refused to accompany to the wedding.

I fought with my close childhood friend and did not speak with her for 4 years. I was stubborn even when the whole class intervened. Thats because I took an issue personal. She insulted one kid neighbour of mine and thats it. I stopped talking to one of my college friends for the same reason. Personal. No issue can be business. I quit my last job as I took an issue personal. I didn’t go back even when he called me because of that. One can’t be enemies when it comes to business and friends otherwise. One can have disparate views but then continue to be friends. Thats not my point. One cannot laugh at her friend when she is crying and then come over and say that she is her close friend!! Do you believe in that?

One cannot exploit her friend to her fullest need and then say that shes such a sweety and so and so. As I continued watching the tv, the movie went on and on and then it finally agreed with everything being personal. Good for them! Even the Godfather says so!!!


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