August 25, 2005

Friends! Part One

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Got to speak to one my old friend today.. She asked me whether I find any difference in our relationship! This set me thinking..I have been with many friends since school. Friends of all kinds!! Been with good friends, fair weather friends and don’t bother ones… But it seems actually surprising to me that the ones who leave a definite mark in you are the “fair weather friends” .. You learn a lot from these people.. These ones are not into any bad habits as such.. but still they are worse than the bad ones. They’ll do all the flattery you’ll need when they need you. Their words would be sugar-coated and smiles like expanded rubber.. But as time goes by, one can make out the grain from the chaff.

But then, there are the good kinds too. I thought of leaving a mark here about the people with whom I had/have been associated since when I was 4 years..

Maggi alias Margaret:
She is someone whom I can call as first buddy I got in kindergarden. I saw her first when I got admitted to L.K.G. I was having eye problems then and had to wear specs. I was rather short too. I remember sitting on the steps of my BonSecours School when this tall slim kid and her father came near me. Her father wanted some sort of baby-sitter to look after her and asked me.. “what ma, can you look after the baby? (as if Iam a older kid)”. I meekly said yes and immediately took the role of a caretaker. We got to know each other and were good thick friends till we got into high school.

After that, we again got closer only when we were in Higher Secondary! Those were the days when we got scared of chemistry and biology labs.. I can still remember the daya when I had to dissect the mouth parts of cockroach. Well, am the kind who can handle bigger ones.. but insects & reptiles!!! NO!! I would come running from the bath room if I happen to see any cockroach or lizard is there.. And it became a hard task for me to do this experiment. Though the cockroaches were on chloroform, I was very scared that they’ll wake up in the middle and bite me.. And since my name starts with C (poor me!! I was always the scape goat when it comes to exams!!) I had to stand near olivia miss. Sensing danger, I winked at Maggi. She had already done her work and seeing me she asked me to take my animal and come to her. And then she helped me dissect the villian. I in turn promised her that I would help her in chemistry-salt analysis. After that, it was the studing together.. bunking classes, and routine stuff. Then we drifted again when I went off to do my graduation. She did her chemistry major and then followed it up with a masters in computers. Now she works for ABN AMRO and we still do keep in touch. Though we were not the soulmate kinds .. we were there for each other and still going on ….

She is the first BB (alias best friend) I got when I was in U.K.G. Most of the times, I would be with her. Either be it school or home. She had a older brother called Kingsley who played violin so well. After coming back from school, we used to play till we get tired and then we would listen to Kingsley anna playing his violin. I don’t remember what and all we did together except two incidents.

Once, I guess that this should have been my Ist std, we were writing our exams. We used to go to different classes (as exam halls) and I was the next serial number to her. One 5th standard akka sat in the middle between us in a chair whereas we had to sit down. Anyhow, we didn’t complain. In the middle, Beaula had some doubt and wanted to ask me. I didn’t know what to tell her so I gave the entire answer sheet to her so that she can see the paper and get cleared. But the wicked 5th std akka found this out and reported it to the senior most staff (swamy miss). Swamy miss came and spanked us both and put a reduction of 5 marks in both of our papers.. We didn’t like the way it was going and were crying all the while.

Another time, it was my birthday, and the last day of our Quartely exam. After the exam, we went to each class to give chocolates. I was wearing a full skirt and when I went into HM’s room, I tripped and fell. Everyone but Beaula laughed. I liked it a lot and enjoyed the whole day with her. Fate interfered after sometime.. Her father got transferred to Nagercoil and she had to go. We tried keeping in touch.. but kids were we.. couldn’t continue for long… Haven’t heard from her since.. Hope shes in chennai now and has a blog!!

More to be continued…..


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