August 7, 2005

Sight Seeing

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I started late for office this day and was leisurely travelling in an almost-passengerless 9-car MRTS train. Everytime the train started or stopped, it gave out a shrill scream and made sure that I had my hands cupped on my ears most of the time. And then, it stopped suddenly somewhere near mandaveli and didn’t seem to have an intention of starting again.

I was reading Ruskin Bond till then and didn’t feel like continuing further. I closed my book and peeped through the window to see a couple of flats nearby. The rush-hour traffic was not there and all I could see was a play-area sort of place infront of the flats. Three people were there standing before a horizontal pole that was held by two vertical iron rods. They were a hmm.. 3-4 year old boy, one guy in his late teens or early twenties and he was carrying a girl baby that should be at the max … two years.

The kid was restless coz he seemed to be trying to reach for the horizontal pole for a long time and he was not able to reach it. I was amused and started watching the scene. And then, suddenly, he got hold of the pole and started hanging. I was not able to see his face that clearly, but I was able to make out that the pride in his face. Hanging, he went from one end of the pole to another and at the same time he was looking at his sister too and making faces at her.

The baby seemed to be too thrilled in all this and was trying to reach for the pole too though it was on the shoulders of its mama ( I am not able to make out any other relationship the other guy might have with these two kids).. The mama, who was silently watching the scene till them, came closer to the pole. He made the baby sit on top of his head and made its tiny hands reach the horizontal pole..

Wow, you should have seen the reaction of the girl.. She almost jumped with joy looking at her brother and showing him that she too could hang like him . I was touched by this action of her mama and really didn’t seem to notice that my train too, had started.



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