August 1, 2005

Bulb History!!

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I was looking forward to Sunday after a dull week. Sundays are always special; I get to sleep a little more, get to eat yummy breakfast and of all, get to go to church. Yesterday also, I got ready eagerly and sat behind my brother on his byk. Usually, we would be chatting about anything and nothing while riding. But this time, eddy was unusually calm, concentrating on the ride.

I kept doing my favorite pastime (sight seeing) while we got into the velachery bypass road. There is something special about this road as such. Over the years, many a place has been spoiled by man. But this road, has managed to stay intact till now. Though the road has been laid, both sides of the road are filled with wild trees and shrubs. Most of the times, I get into my spirituality only here. I admire the creator of heaven and earth who has built such a nice place to live in.

Though all one could see are greener trees, if noted carefully, one could see different shades in that green itself. Sometimes I would be thinking… This shrub has got a flower with white petals and purple sepals.. May be next time I should get a salwar kameez in that combination..

Today also, I was doing the same thing, when eddy suddenly slowed down. There was a huge crowd standing on one side of the road. I turned my head to that side to have a better view. To my astonishment, I witnessed an accident scene. A guy was lying down in an awkward upside down position in a pool of blood. There were glass pieces everywhere. A policeman was bending down looking at the guy.

I was rendered speechless. What the heck!! That guy is already unconscious.. and God only knows whether he is alive or not.. Why the hell have these people surrounded him like anything without doing any help. The policeman also didn’t seem to do anything other than bending and looking at the guy as if he is seeing some worthless piece of art.

Somehow the whole incident made me feel very insecure. I thought.. Man doesn’t seem to realise where he is heading.. he devises various plans for day and night and toils for something that he might actually never enjoy.. The guy on the car also seemed to be a very rich person.. I felt very bad and moved much more closer to eddy and placed one hand on his thigh.. “paavam, no??” ..

Without turning, Eddy said, “Hey ! adhu shooting !! paatha theriyala?”.


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  1. Fantastic twist !!!

    Comment by Kiran — August 2, 2005 @ 6:22 am | Reply

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