July 24, 2005

People! huh!

Filed under: Unrelated — Celia Rexselin @ 11:41 pm

1)Was reading “Nothing lasts forever”. Nicely written book. One odd reference has been made to Indians. Honey attends to a cholera patient who happens to be in US (but he doesn’t know English and is pathetically poor and Indian). They put him on drugs and he recovers and blesses them in hindi. (sucks!)

2)This issue is much more serious, London police gunning down a “dark skinned guy” linking him to terrorists action and then saying “Sorry”. (Non, He looks like Asian muslim and he might be linked to this guy, you know?)

3)College – We joined in two batches actually. The people who joined later, came under special reservation like sports, sons and daughters or ex-servicemen, or (our shame and sick caste system) scheduled caste people. We had a series of tests and most of us(both batches) got the same range of marks. One female (supposedly of a supreme caste) remarked, “I wonder how THAT female got that many marks? should be fluke!! what do you think, Celia?”

4)”Ivan” was telecasted today in “Ktv”. The protagonist of the movie, a do-gooder, is more like a robinhood. He does good to everyone. In one scene, he is seen collecting money for “Gujarat relief fund”. He goes to a Marwadi and requests him for money. But that guy is stone hearted and tries to drive him away. (Are all tamils generous creatures?? I know of a TAMIL guy who gets commission for anything and everything he does.)

3)Good old Nambiar (villain) movies!! why does this guy’s acquaintances always christians? Its always him calling “Robert! Peter!!..

I can keep on adding lots and lots of incidents and classifications that I see and notice. Partly, Even I am to be blamed. I don’t have the courage to speak against people and drive some sense into their head!! Oooh! when all others keep on wooing some one and ill treating others, what would my talk do? I did talk, but did it make sense? “No, Celia. You actually don’t know. These people are born like this.. “. I can’t continue the remaining words. But I can do onething. May be I can behave differently and treat all people alike. Easy to write over here!! don’t know how many people I myself hurt!! But by writing this here, I wish to make a mark. So that, after 10 or 20 years, I can ask my kid to read this post, and ask whether I actually lived upto my decision!


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