July 15, 2005

Lyric for the Day

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I have heard people saying that music doesn’t have any boundaries, let alone language. But, I have never enjoyed listening to songs that weren’t in English or Tamil or Malayalam. But this was before one year, life has changed a lot. Listening to hindi songs happened because of circumstance, and soon developed into a liking. And now, the news is that I have fallen in love with this hindi song sung by Jagjit singh.. Nice music, superb voice and nice lyric ofcourse..last but not the least, even without knowing the language, it kindled an emotion that only a native speaker would experience!!

Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apni Safar Ke Hum Hain
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain

Pehle Har Cheez Thi Apni Magar Ab Lagta Hai
Apne Hi Ghar Mein Kisi Doosre Ghar Ke Hum Hain

Waqt Ke Saath Mitti Ka Safar Sadiyon Se
Kisko Maaloom Kahan Ke Hain Kidhar Ke Hum Hain

Chalte Rehte Hain Ke Chalnaa Hai Musaafir Ka Naseeb
Sochte Rehte Hain Kis Raah Guzar Ke Hum Hain


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