July 3, 2005

My First French Passage

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Did I tell you that I have started going for french classes? French is damn good. Only that its hard to understand how things can be masculine or feminine. hmm.. but It seems to be an artistic language. Today I got to write my first french passage. A small passage though, this would have never been written as a post in normal times. But in this situation, this has become more funny. But let me tell you what happened yesterday.

I had to go to my ATM yesterday. I was in such a hurry coz I was getting late for my french classes. So myself and my friend hurried to the ATM. First she withdrew her money and then I went in. I inserted my card but it didn’t go in only. May be, it was trying to warn me to be more careful. But who can control fate? I managed to insert the card and typed some amount. Huh.. but it happened to be a wrong amount and I wanted to delete the number and press something again. Boy!!! won’t they keep a delete or a backspace button for that on ATM machines? why do they have to confuse poor souls like me? I found one CANCEL button then. ( Oh God!! why didn’t I see the CLEAR button which was right above that?) Thanks to my sony ericsson, I mistook the CANCEL to be CLEAR and pressed it. ATM canceled my transaction and pushed my card outside.

But thats not what I had expected. Attendez !! I didn’t even finish my transaction and why should I take my card back? I pressed it inside again.. Oh No!! I got a weird message on the screen and my magic money card disappeared. “YOUR CARD HAS BEEN RETAINED BY THE ATM. PLEASE GET IT COLLECTED FROM YOUR BANK”. what the hell? I had wanted some pieces very badly and didn’t expect this at all. Seeing this, my best friend (or my worst enemy) started lauging uncontrollably. All I could do was wonder at my foolishness. I called up the bank but no one attended to it. Then sent a mail to the bank’s site to take care of it. Hope I get my card back without any problem.

But this is not all. Today after going to my french class, my teacher gave us a conversation and asked us to convert that into a passage. Couldn’t help laugh at that!! Please forgive my pathetic french and correct me if needed.

Je vais au distributeur pour prendre de l’argent. J’insere ma carte bancaire. Je compose mon code. Je choisis une opération. Je choisis un montant. Je N’oublie ma carte.



  1. i’ve been speaking french for a few years now and as far as I see the only mistake you made is near the end when you wrote,
    ‘je n’oublie ma carte’
    you should have said,
    ‘je n’oublie PAS ma carte.’
    to make something negative you need ne and pas otherwise it doesn’t work. 🙂 good luck with the french.

    Comment by Katy — February 6, 2009 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

  2. ooh la la je voudrai manger quelque chose

    Comment by ohh la la — September 21, 2010 @ 4:59 pm | Reply

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