June 21, 2005

A typical Saturday

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Dear Diary,

Today its been a very different day. Got up at 5’o clock after a very long time and left early to office. I’ve been trying to be early ever since I shifted home and it was made possible only today.. Thanks to this I escaped the scorching heat. It was a pleasant ride from V2V. Wish I could really do this every day. I was the first to be there today and enjoyed a 1 hr of work in solitude. It was more like the days when I used to do freelancing.

Got to learn a bit of C++ functionalities like initializer list, default copy constructor, scope of variables etc. But got a little confused with function overloading and polymorphism. I had always thought that both mean the same. However my friend says that they are different. Anyways, got to learn so many new concepts today.

After this, I went to BETHEL HOME with a another friend. The management of this trust provides the 50+ children with food, clothing and education. Most are orphans and some are kids whose parents cannot afford anything. My friend goes there regularly and I thought of accompanying her for the first time. We found that this place really needs some help. This is for the notice of readers who are from Chennai. If you would like to help, this place is near sterling road, nungambakkam.

Got to reach french class just in time. I had thought of bunking the class earlier but this day turned out to be a day of enjoyment. The people over there had organised a culturals and music competition. We had a welcome song, dance which was followed by a play. The play was about the universe and how sun became the center of the universe. The guy who acted as earth did a fine job. Though every word was spoken in french we were able to follow the play pretty well. After this we had music competition and Oh My God!! this is the competition. All singers sang like professional band players. It was real fun. Finally reached home at 8.30 and crashed.


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