June 15, 2005

Who let the dogs out?

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When the rest of the neighbourhood is sleeping, here am I, staring at the COM and occasionally hitting the keys. One more sound that I hear is the barking sound from the next house. Its actually two. Can’t guess whether the dogs are barking seeing a stranger or they just want to attract each others attention.

Thinking about the dogs, I think about Linda, my uncle’s pet dog. She was more like a daughter to him. She was given as a gift to my uncle some 8 years back. From birth, she had been living with him. But I was never comfortable with her. Whenever I used to go to uncle’s place, I would ask whether they’ve tied linda to some place. Otherwise, she would come and lick me at all places and I would be shivering inside thinking that she might bite me anytime.

I have never been comfortable with any animal. My other three interactions were with a kitten in college, parrot in aunt’s home and squirrels in childhood. This kitten was orphaned on the day it was born. It was a rainy day (and study holidays for us. Do we need more excuse to laze around?) and we went to dump hostel food in the dust bin. We heard a weak meow sound. One my friends had a soft corner for cats and her heart went out for this tiny creature. We brought it inside and covered it up with warm towel. Still it didn’ stop crying, and we decided that it should be hunger.

It was night time and our head cook had kept milk for us in the mess, hoping that we would have some chaaye and continue studying. My friend took some milk and tried giving it to the kitten by soaking a cotton in it. The kitten sucked the cotton and you won’t believe, it stopped crying after sometime. This continued for 4 days. The kitten started thinking that my friend was its mother. It became very close to her and if it feels hungry it would go to her only. We started teasing her as kitty ma. Then we couldn’t continue for more days. After a week, we took the kitten back to the place where we took it from and left it there. Then we never found it.

Earlier to this, was the parrot in my aunt’s home. It was very talkative and didn’t give respect for anyone. I was in my 4th grade then. It would demand for nuts and dhal all the time and would accept it only from aunt or uncle. But it would whistle well and mimicc my uncle. Somehow it din’t like me. Once I tried putting my fingers into the cage and it bit me. Afterwards, I didn’t poke my fingers into that guys business.

But one thing that I liked very much are the squirrels at my first house. Sometimes I had to babysit (not true, but thats how I’ll call it) my younger brother and we got so tried of playing all games. Then one day, one squirrel came and sat by the window. We started looking at it and followed it. Then, it became the norm for us to follow it and see its daily habits and its ways. Somehow, I started liking squirrels. don’t know why..

Okay, the dogs have stopped barking now, there is no other sound coming other than from keys. Lemme go to sleep too.


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