May 29, 2005

History of wrong calls

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Ever been teased in phone by strangers? I had always thought that this happens only to girls till now. Four years back, I used to get a musical call whenever I came home for study holidays. Doesn’t ring a bell? Ya, I can call it as a musical call. This person, would call up, and when I reply, I would only get to listen to some music.I stopped after sometime. Never got to know who this person was…

Ofcourse, there were some genuine types .. like people who type in wrong numbers and people who get routed to the wrong number.. Then when I bought a new mobile, I used to get a funny sms occasionally, and everytime, it was the same.. “Listen, buy two chicks, and get one ready for me” …
Should be some butcher !!!!! or a muslim trying to sms a friend .. but why did she had to send the same sms everytime? Sometimes, I used to get suspicious that this might be some secret code, but I never got the guts to call up this person.

Then there were some occasional teasers.. but they aren’t worth mentioning.. and why did I start this topic now? Its because, my brother keeps getting these calls now. For the past two weeks, one guy keeps calling up this fellow, and asking him to “collect the AIDS REPORT from the lab”. This guy was going red with embarrasment. First two times, he just cut the call saying that its a wrong number. When he told this to me, I teased him saying that all his bullying would work only on me and not on strangers.

Today, it happened again. but not that technician fellow. Eddie was cleaning up his rack and the mobile rang. It was out of his reach and he asked me to pick it up. I saw that this was some new number that wasn’t in his phonebook. Curious, I answered the call. “Did you call me ?” asked a guy. Grinning, I gave the call to my brother. This fellow picked up the phone and said “Hello”. There was no response. A hello again… No response this time too. Already irritated with the work in his hands, he got pissed off. But didn’t want to do anything this time, he just cut the call. After some 2, 3 minutes the phone rang again. It was the same guy. Eddie answered. I didn’t know what that guy said, but this fellow fumed saying “Enda .. unakellam vellaye illaya? enda ponnunga kitta pesuradhukknu alayureenga” ? Speaking he went inside his room, I guess some swear words would have happened which he didn’t want me to listen to. After he finished the call, he came back and said that the guy would never make a call here. Then I asked him, what the guy asked..

Eddie said that the guy wanted to speak to some “vimala”.


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  1. he he … yeah … u know I get a lot of calls from some place in karnataka and being a Northy …. I cant even get wat the person is saying …so I just pick the fone at leave it in air….smtimes one of my frnds wud take care knwing the language … by the way hi ….

    Comment by gAMe — May 30, 2005 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

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