January 19, 2005

Life’s Like That!

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Those career-oriented people please don’t read further. This post is certainly not for you and you won’t like it. It’s rather an, insane lament of a mediocre girl who finds herself lost in a world that rushes to attain the crown of money and fame.

This girl whom I know, had recently gone to a function where she met all her old friends. She was asked, of why she didn’t apply for such and such a post in one reputed organization. Well, she had said that she was very happy with her current job and so she didn’t apply. Then all heads had turned to her with mass disapproval. “Its high time you shift that job! You are just a resource for that company of yours and they would never have the same feeling as you have.”

Well, In India (with so much of man resource), getting a job isn’t that easy. And so is the task of finding a well-experienced hand. But being on her shoes, pop goes the question. When should a woman (Those He’s please read it as man. I am no feminist) change her job? A person I know and who has the same experience as mine as already changed his job some 5 times and is now in US. He says that people with my attitude won’t get there. He gave his proverb “If you don’t chuck your company in 1 year, the company would chuck you”. Also, the best way to climb up the corporate ladder very quickly is to do a Management course, join a MNC, change your job thrice and then off to US. Then …
earn as much amount as possible, marry a desi indian in US , SETTLE and live happily. wow , what a life, they say. All they need is MONEY,FAME and well am not certain after that.

They would certainly get ALL THE MONEY and FAME they need. But is this really , LIFE ? Of course,
I am no hermit to say that MONEY IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVIL ( or as some say that GIRLS ARE !!)
but I’ve always thought that money isn’t everything.. so is fame. There is something more to it. Its in making things better. Its like planting a mustard and seeing it grow into a huge tree. Is it bad, to stay put with a company for more than one year? Not Bad, says my friend (If that company is a very Good MNC or is the one in the fortune 500 list). Otherwise, your learning curve would be much slower and you won’t know the standards.
Worse, you may also lose your market value. But what if I have a good understanding between the company and me? “YOU ARE ONE EMOTIONAL IDIOT , YAAR ! ” am told. Ok, then what If the task I do is badly needed by my employer? To this question, I haven’t had one convincing answer for this as of yet.Do I really have to apply for some niche job , just because my friends did? Or is my attitude really wrong ? Is it wrong to be in some budding company? I think its not wrong. For those of you who think , that IT IS .. you are welcome to post comments.

You people might ask , what I might get in return for this? I would certainly like to be the cornerstone of a startup company rather than be a pebble in a MNC.She who has ears,let her hear!



  1. I totally agree with you. Celia as a I have always been telling you.. ultimately YOU should be satisfied and happy. Happiness/satisfaction are all very relative terms and its definition differs for each person. If you feel happy contributing all ur might in the growth of a budding and company and cherish the dream of growing along with company, then why?, why should you look out for a different job? Why join the mad race of quiting jobs and get into a metal makeup which will never let u feel @ home and settled at a job as u r looking for even brighter ones… phew.. life becomes complicated if you run behind something just because others are doing it.
    If you are happy with the present situation then end of story. Stay put. 🙂

    Comment by Shambhavi — January 20, 2005 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Celia, First of all thanks for posting the first comment on my blog !! U can ask me for a treat for that 😉
    Well read ur first post and I was tempted to post my comment.. cos these are the questions which we youngsters face everynow and then.. There are always gonna be better paying offers and a more challenging job waiting for u out there.. but that doesnt mean we go out trying our hand in them and hop from one ot another in a yrs time.. U wont be able to leave ur impact in that short a time.. and At the end of it all Boils down to ..if u r happy with ur job ..stick to it.. I was at Wipro earlier..and I noticed that all the senior Vice presidents and others senior managers .were those who had stuck with them for over 5-10 yrs.. At the end of it..everyone will have enough money to have a good life.. but not everyone will get up in the morning and head to office witha cheerful mood.. not everyone wil be satisfied..

    And hey I dint get any info abt u in ur “Abt me ” !!

    Comment by Anuj — January 23, 2005 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

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