January 3, 2005

Prospero Ano y Felixidad

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Its been three days since new year. I was wondering whether I should really write about the new year service and how it went on …

There were not much celebrations this time in chennai (‘Coz of tsunami) and everything seemed to be sober. I took a day off from work on 31st itself (which I do every year!!!) so that I can sleep during the day and stay awake during mass. But this 31st, I didn’t sleep that much. Most of my time got spent on phone calls, internet and in helping out mom.

In the evening, I went to the tailor aunty’s shop to get my blouse
that I had given for stitching. Aunty was having a tough time since 4 of the 5 tailors who worked for her had their family
in kanyakumari and tsunami didn’t let their families live in peace. She was managing the whole week with 1 tailor. Well, my blouse wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to fuss also. I had one my mother’s sarees ironed.

Night came and we all left home by 9.00 PM. We didn’t have much trouble
in reaching Guindy though the D70 bus driver drove the bus at
snail’s pace. From Guindy, we took train to our Church and reached
by 10.30. Pretty late though !!!

The church was fully packed and we could hardly find place inside.
We managed to get some place in the ground floor and had to be happy
with the service being telecast live from 1st floor. By the time we reached there , all worship was over and people had started their testimonial session. Well, this is one session that I like a lot and is worth mentioning.

Once in a year, a chance is given to one member in each family to thank the Lord before everyone, of all the Good things that they had received. Its a session where one’s hopes are raised and faith is increased. Every year, my mother would do it for us and this year was no different. This session got over by 11.30 and then Pastor asked us
to join him in his prayer and we all glorified God till the clock
struck twelve. Pastor then revealed the Promise for this year.. Its

The Lord will remember us and will bless us -Psalm 115 : 12.

Thus ended the first session and we had some break for 1 hr during which my friends came downstairs and dragged me upstairs. We spent the time wishing others and in the mean time, I managed to have two cups of coffee and cake. ( I was feeling very sleepy ….!!!). In the second
session , Pastor explained the verse to us and how it will apply in our everyday life. (This was the toughest session for me as I had to keep on militating against my eyes… Hey !!! but I did listen.. Don’t give me that look …). Then we had a even more nice session where in each one had to wash their partner’s feet in remembrance of what the Lord did.Lord, in his days , had washed his disciples feet and
had instructed them that they be humble like him and should wash another’s feet also. This incident has been remembered and followed till date though in different days and ways.

Clara ( my friend, doing her plus two) wanted me to be her partner and I obliged. This was followed by communion service and ended with a couple of songs. It was 5.00 by then and I returned home with eddy
in his byk. I had to go to another place also on that day , so I managed to get ready and kept waiting for my friend’s phone call.
The call came .. but this is another big story which I’ll tell
another day.


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  1. Why are’nt we hearing bout the call now that 4th has gone by…? 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous — January 6, 2005 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

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